A History of the Domino Problem - Michael Winter

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Public Lecture and Concert

Mi., 22.11.2023, 19:30 - 22:30 | Fritz-Reuter-Saal - Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

a history of the domino problem - kinetic scuplture
© Michael Winter

"A History of the Domino Problem" is a performance-installation by Michael Winter that traces the history of an epistemological problem in mathematics about how things that one could never imagine fitting together, actually come together and unify in unexpected ways. The work comprises a set of musical compositions and a kinetic sculpture that sonify and visualize rare aperiodic tilings (more commonly known as mosaics).

From November 17th to December 1st at the Lichthof Ost Exhibition Room of the Humboldt University, the kinetic sculpture will be on display in an exhibition entitled "a few thoughts on how things fit together..." The exhibition will include works by and in collaboration with Mareike Yin-Yee Lee in a constellation designed specifically for the Lichthof Ost.

Two live performances of the musical compositions will be presented by the Hague-based Kali Ensemble: İdil Yunkuş (violin), Giuseppe Sapienza (clarinet), Guillermo Arnedo Frías (clarinet), Beste Yıldız (cello), Joel Gester Suárez (synth), Nirantar Yakthumba (harmonium). The first performance, hosted at the Fritz-Reuter-Saal of the Humboldt University on November 22nd, will feature a lecture from renowned Finnish mathematician Jarkko Kari (University of Turku) introducing the fascinating world of aperiodic tilings to the general public. For those who want to experience the music alone, the Kali Ensemble will perform longer versions of the pieces the following night on November 23rd at KM28.


+ Public Lecture & Concert @ Fritz-Reuter-Saal - 22.11.2023 | 7:30pm (doors 7pm)
Fritz-Reuter-Saal - HU Berlin am Hegelplatz, Dorotheenstrasse 24
(Free entrance, registration recommended at https://unboundedpress.org/hdp)

+ Concert @ KM28 - 23.11.2023 | 8:30pm (doors 8pm)
KM28 - Karl-Marx-Strasse 28
(Sliding door, 8-12€ with proceeds going entirely to the Kali Ensemble)

+ Exhibition @ Lichthof Ost - 17.11 to 01.12
Lichthof Ost - HU Berlin, Hauptgebäude, Unter den Linden 6
Opening - 17.11 | 7pm
Closing - 01.12 | 7pm
(Free entrance; for gallery hours please visit https://unboundedpress.org/hdp#exhibition)

Organized by Prof. Dr. Gaëtan Borot, HU Institut für Mathematik


Kali Ensemble

    Michael Winter »A History of The Domino Problem«


  • Fritz-Reuter-Saal - Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Dorotheenstraße 24
  • 10117 Berlin, Mitte
  • Mi., 22.11.2023, 19:30 - 22:30
  • Pause:
  • HU Berlin am Hegelplatz, Dorotheenstrasse 24
  • Free Entrance

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